Sep 19, Would anyone out there have a PDF copy of this older parametric Eq? I scoured online, no where to be found. I contacted Aphex, said ‘sorry we are. I don’t have a manual for this, but it is easy enough to use that you shouldn’t need one. SOUND QUALITY The sound quality of the Aphex Systems Tube. Please consult your mic’s manual before connect- Consult your DAW’s manual for more information about the use of . SNR (typical): dB, unweighted.

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Started by gyraf The Lab. Started by raysolinski The Lab.

Started by Tim the enchanter The Lab. APHEX schematics needed I never found them either!

All user reviews for the Aphex 109 Tube Parametric Equalizer

I know taht’s great EQ Script Member Japan Posts: I think there are different PCB versions. Not apphex different, but I have two of those units andI think; one US, one Japan import. One of them has a couple of extra cables on the underside of the PCB.


The vacuum tubes too are different in the two units maybe someone swapped it. The pots on one unit are all scratchy to the point of being almost useless and on the other unit one pot got totally stuck always meant to replace all of them, but Anyway, crosstalk has never been all that fantastic with this eq in the first place. Still I sometimes like them for that exclusive “toob-essence” sound when tracking, but hardly ever use them as eqs.

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I’m pretty sure there’s a patent on that “essence” thing. And there’s also an Aphex white paper with a detailed schematic of the tube circuit somewhere manua the net, if that’s where your unit is at fault.

It always been hard to come by Aphex schematics. I took a detour, visited the main agents and asked for a service manual for the Aural Exciter B, which a very kind lady gave me – the service manual that is. June 10, The best place to find a qphex hand is at the end of your arm!



Thanx Script for info. I’ve tried to find that white paper you’ve mentioned, but with no results: I’ve wrongly assumed that problem was in tube circuit.

OPAMP stage was not dead I’ve figuded that out after I’ve drawn schematic of that circuit. Script, thanks again for that whitepaper about Reflected Plate Amplifier Aphex Started by raysolinski The Lab.

June 13, April 02, November 10, October 18, ,