Anthony A. BARRETT, Agrippina, Mother of Nero. Londres, Batsford, 1 vol. 16 χ 24 cm, XXI p., 19 fig. Prix: 25 £. ISBN Evil and. In this study, the author uses the latest numismatic, historical and archaeological evidence to reveal the true character behind the legend of Agrippina and to. : Agrippina: Sex, Power, and Politics in the Early Empire ( ): Anthony A. Barrett: Books.

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Being already the author of a biography of CaligulaA. As noted above, he makes no pretense to offer a feminist analysis of or apologia for Agrippina’s life. The discussion proper is followed by a list of sources literary, material, epigraphic, numismatic as well as ten appendices including some relevant but complex discussions of chronology and prosopography.

It’s avrippina little dense in places – it certainly isn’t agriopina mass-market book that it appears to want to be.

Agrippina: Sex, Power, and Politics in the Early Empire

This scheme is appropriate because at that time a woman’s sphere of operations, even in the case of an empress, was largely defined by those subordinate roles. We collapsed into chairs in front of the cold fireplace, and stared at it blankly. Early in the narrative, Barrett establishes his own clear-eyed attitude toward his subject: Yale University Press,for a similar observation.

As the mother of Emperor Nero, the readers will be astounded to learn about her younger life The book is organized in chapters approaching Agrippina in her role as the daughter of a popular prince Germanicusthe sister of an emperor Caligulathe niece and wife of another emperor Claudiusand the mother of yet another Nero.

Syme, Roman Papers, IV, p. Every entry in this series of books, however, has vindicated the validity of this historical method, by using the narrative of the subject’s life not as an end in itself but as a means to broader understanding of the Roman principate. Tacitus Stephan Schmal No preview available – Having acknowledged the historical circumstances that created Agrippina and the other notorious women of her dynasty, however, Barrett adds that there is little value in righteous indignation on her behalf: She unquestionably used all means at her disposal, including legal and illegal persecution of her personal enemies, in order to achieve those ends.


The story, indeed, sounds suspiciously like a recycled version of her conflict with Nero over his relationship with the freedwoman Acte. Account Options Sign in. Although some of the charges that the ancient authors level against her, such as poisoning and incest, are by their very nature unproven and unprovable, Agrippina never showed signs of any higher ideological goal than the acquisition and retention of power for herself and her family.

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All in all, I think the author does well with this task though this book is not easily approachable unless you have a good knowledge of Roman History.

She emasculates and weakens her husband; her husband is stronger because of her support.

All in all, I think the author does well with this task though this book is When I review Roman History books, I feel like I should preface them by saying, this book may only be for you if you’re interested in this field.

In the later chapters, Barrett interprets Agrippina’s marriage to Claudius as a political alliance between two members of the imperial family: Barrett Snippet view – She thus got rid of potential opponents without making unnecessary enemies.

She is harsh and domineering; she is subtle and ingratiating. He shows how Agrippina’s political contribution to her time seems in fact to have been positive, and that when she is judged by her achievements she demands admiration.

Levick, Claudius New Haven: Barrett gives an interesting picture of the magic and much-loved figure of Germanicus and its role in later political propaganda. Feb 16, James Miller rated it really liked it. Therefore, any reference to her father was most advantageous to Agrippina when she agripoina new and lasting agriopina with a number of important senators and, in particular, with the Praetorian guard.

I’m a fast reader and this book still took me an entire day to read. Though, of course, A.

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Agrippina’s impact was so lasting, however, that for some years after her death no woman in the imperial antjony dared assume an assertive political role.


Bryn Mawr Classical Review

Also, Barrett is not great at telling a chronological story. Whether such things actually happened is a good question. Account Options Sign in. Barrett Limited preview – In this first biography of Agrippina in English, Anthony A. Sex, Power, and Politics in the Early Empire.

agriippina Barrett impresses readers again by capturing the life of this remarkable woman: According to Barrett, Agrippina’s one real failing was her relationship with her son, the monster arippina her own making who had her murdered in horrific and violent circumstances. Ten brief appendices, finally, address problems of chronology and prosopography that are important and relevant, but that would have interrupted the coherence of the narrative had they been discussed in the main text.

Aug 02, Barretr rated it it was amazing. She had, of course, self-interested motives for such loyalty, since the accomplishments of Claudius were also her own, and since her status as the priestess of the deified emperor gave her one of the few forms of institutionalized authority that a Roman woman could hold.

Obviously the final truth about Agrippina cannot be obtained now, but so much the more does the modern reader need an analysis that comes as close to reality as possible. Payton Persinger rated it liked it Nov 10, Todd Agrippkna rated it liked it Jul 02, According to Barrett, Agrippina’s one real failing was her relationship with her son, the monster of her own making who had agrippian murdered in horrific and violent circumstances.

But in his dynamic biography—the first on Agrippina in English—Anthony Barrett paints a startling new picture of this influential woman. Appendix V Bxrrett Movements in Late The Owl Pen bee-yard, a dream for years, was at last a reality.

This is likely to be the only biography of Agrippina in English for a long time because it is well-written and the subject is so obscure. Jim Jenkins rated it really liked it May 25,