ANOMALIAS DETECTADAS EN BOGOTÁ LOS ULTIMOS 10 AÑOS. SINDROME DE ANGELMAN. ¿QUE ANOMALIAS SE HAN DETECTADO. Biología y Genética – ro Fa ent C cu ro lín lt d ic ad e G a Al de en em M ét i e . Convert documents to beautiful publications and share them worldwide. Title: Anomalias cromosomicas, Author: Simon Bolivar, Length: 20 pages, Published.

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The incidence of chromosome anomalies in newborn infants is 0. The phenotypic manifestations of chromosomal abnormalities are highly diverse. It is important to determine this risk to provide patients with appropriate genetic counseling. Phenotypic consequences of chromosome abnormalities. Hospital 12 de Octubre.

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Case report and review.

Anomalias cromosomicas

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Calaméo – Anomalias cromosomicas

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Repercusión clínica de las anomalías cromosómicas | Anales de Pediatría

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