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In fact, before I started to write you this letter, I promised my colleagues these pages will be used wnkit crucify and call your bluff before your 16th book on computer security hits the shelves a few months from now.

These apologies come with the awareness that it will cost me friendships I have cultivated for years in the dark corridors of the internet where people like me lurk and are known to each other only by our nicknames. There used to be a time when I thought you a script kiddie, or a skiddie if you will.

You know what comprises those types‚ÄĒplagiarists who pass off software programs developed by others as their own. But after an email interview and five hours of talking the other day, all I have to say is mea culpa.

That is why you assiduously go about building your personal brand, work longer hours than most people I know, and refuse to lurk in the shadows. Instead, like you told me, you come out into the open, speak a language most people understand, and have even trademarked your name. I must concede you are an articulate speaker.

This, in spite of you resum to me, you consider yourself just a decent hacker, not a good or excellent one. There are others, who by your admission are better at it than you.

Because end of the day, you need to have money in your pocket to make a decent living for yourself and visit every country in the world before you die. You pulled your passport and letters from various ankjt to prove your credentials.

Ankit Fadia Revealed

Who am I to question that? No police chief has ever called me to talk to their people on anything, but they lap up everything you say, and you have ankjt and certificates to prove your claim. This story appears in the 08 March, issue of Forbes India. You ankkt buy our tablet version from Magzter. To visit our Archives, click here. The article was well written because of the amount of research that the author has put in to call Ankit Fadia a bluff.

It also shows us how journalists should verify claims by people and not report things just because they are said by a particular person. But I’ve heard him mentioned often in media. I’m writing this comment just to let you know that this is one of the best piece of “tongue in cheek” writing I’ve come across. My only grudge is That esteemed brand ambassador may not have the wherewithal to understand it for what it is.!!

I use to watch his video 4 to 5 years ago and I had a fadka for that guy because I was very much interested in hacking and I though he is a great hacker but after reading this the level of respect that I had for him increased, not because he is a Self-proclaimed Hacker but because of his tremendous brain. But unfortunately nobody can return my time that I have wasted by watching his videos. Anyways I have learned many things now from his. Nice one read it this one to!


Ankit Fadia

Do you want to know about our Dear Baba Ankit Fadia. Then please read this article. I will bet that you will not going to just like it but damn awesomly love it. Which give all truth fadis this guy. I had bought a copy of his book in the year and to my surprise resumd single word of his book had been copied from then popular websites like astalavista, cult of the dead cow, global kOS, RedHack, etc.

Its a shame how we tend to make him a hero without even verifying a single thing he says. I also wasted money on his first book, but read beyond first page of each chapter. All those kiddie tricks were easily available on internet by Unfortunately in India someone could easy compile these things without giving any credit to original creators and sell them as their piece of work.

This is great article. Ankit Fraudia is been there in the news but you dont find him in any security circles He has been bluffing everyone.

In Hindi there is a saying that ‘ Naqal k liye bhi aqal chahiye’. It means that you can only be successful as a cheat if you have the brains to pull it off. This guy is a ‘ feku’ but he knows the art of making comprehensive fools of gullible tech-enthusiasts and a large tech-illiterate media.

Last but not least– why grudge if he makes some money through his ‘ fekuism’. A certain Gentleman managed to occupy the highest post in the country by taking the art of ‘ fekuism’ to ressume all new heights. God save my country. I have seen feku hacker in my neighborhood taking hacking classes at NIT Calicut. That made me question the average intellect of NIT ans and their miserable faculty. I am not much of an AF fan either. But guess what, Successful Brands often market themselves more effectively as compared to the smaller ones.

Thats where AF wins and We guys Loose. I m in full support of Ankit Fadia If u try to learn ethical hacking frm google or internet for free it fafia a lot boring time consuming and a hardwork but still he had the guts to study phir phokat me fame aur money mill raha hai to wo ullu hi kehlata agar chor deta!!!! Even the autograph is a Fake. The contents are outdated. I traded my C primer for a fake Fadia book.

I think the fasia thing one masters from this book is deception. Nothing ethical about it. A lie-monger who teaches to lie. And unsurprisingly, anklt media of the same litter as those Babas gives them undeserved Coverage. Being a computer science student, I was taking much interest on AF. Transparency is increasing in this world. People who try to perpetuate myths will struggle to keep their narratives afloat amid a sea of newly informed audiences This is just a beginning.


Yes, AF is rdsume fraudster. Then CHIP also made money by resumee people how to change screensavers. At that era Writing a book on network security, that too at the age of 13 is a marvelous radia. Whether or not AF grew as a great hacker is a different question all together and though he may not be the best Indian hacker alive, still only a over-jealous person will denounce his achievements.

This guy even came to our college and told the same stuff about anonymizer. He sucks big time!!! Fool more people, make more money. Sociopaths and psychopaths have quite an advantage over the rest of us who have to live with a conscience.

Ankit Fadia Revealed | Forbes India

Coz i want to learn about reshme security and apply my knowledge for the security of my country. It seems a case of plagarism Who rrsume be such an expert in 2 or 3 years. I have the same kind of respect for him that I have for Dadia Chaudhari.

I admire their work but I despise them for it. Facia built their business by spreading misinformation and spinning lies and they ought to be punished for this. Sadly though, they have paved the way for many more like them and a tough path lies ahead for people who are trying to stop their kind. Whoever thinks he is fraud just think about what the writer was doing when he was Think about what you were doing when fading was writing a book.

He at least had the knowledge to write a book at the age of 14 when most of the commenters here and probably the writer might not even know what unix is when they were If you had the same knowledge of java, as you have today, 20 years ago you would have been a millionaire today.

Fadiz, I read your letter to Ankit Fadia. You are absolutely right. The contents are correct. May be ten years ago, I browsed a book written by Ankit Fadia.

The title of the book had the word ” But that was a rehash of the man pages of Unix.

I saw nothing in the book on hacking. Consider, people tend to use the word “hacking” for “cracking”. But, let us consider the computer dictionary meaning for hacking i. AF is a fraud. They just want to believe rumours like “Five year old boy wrote a new operating system. Just laughs for Ankit Fadia. A genius guy who hacked Business, through the port called Computer: I remember attending his session in Anna university, Chennai during my final year as a computer science student back in The fact that he was even rfsume to speak reminds us of how vulnerable the general population is to fools like Ankit.

Matter of fact people like him should be trailed for wrongful claims and misinformation. I rarely read looooooooong articles but yours made me sick as soon as i started: This is a Hell of a article.

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