An Introduction to Radiobiology by A. H. W. Nias at – ISBN – ISBN – Wiley-Blackwell – – Softcover. Buy a cheap copy of An Introduction to Radiobiology book by A.H.W. Nias. This new edition of A.H.W. Nias’ successful book provides an updated and revised. The book provides an introduction to quantitative radiobiology, with particular emphasis on practical applications of the subject, likely to be of interest to.

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An introduction to radiobiology – A. H. W. Nias – Google Books

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An Introduction to Radiobiology, 2nd Edition. An Introduction to Radiobiology, 2nd Edition A. Added to Your Shopping Cart. Description This new edition of A.

An introduction to radiobiology|INIS

Nias’ successful book provides an updated and revised introduction to quantitative radiobiology, particularly, to those aspects of the subject which have a practical application. Radiation is used to cure cancer but can also cause it. Radiation is also used radiobiopogy medical diagnosis and in nuclear power stations.

In these areas, where questions of benefit and detriment arise, ontroduction biological effects of the radiation can now be predicted.

There are few aspects of life where risk estimates are so firmly founded on quantitative data. This is not only because of the precision with which radiation dose can be measured but also because of the large body of radiobiological observations which have been made since X-rays were discovered.

Written by a scientist with many years experience in the field, An Introduction to Radiobiology will appeal to a wide variety of readers who need to understand the mechanisms by which ionizing radiation causes cellular damage.


It will be of interest to technologists in radiation therapy, nuclear medicine and diagnostic radiography, cancer research students and technicians, medical physicists, trainee radiotherapists and nuclear medicine specialists. Reviews of the First Edition: Hias the Author A.

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Normal and Malignant Cells. Proliferation Kinetics after Radiation.