Background: Susan Sontag was a famous essay writer as well as an experimental novelist, short story writer, film writer, director, and photographer. Her work. Susan Sontag: On Photography; America: Seen Through Photographs, Darkly It was stressed by Sontag to compare Diane Arbus’ Woman With a Veil on Fifth Avenue and Lartigue’s Racecourse at Nice America, Seen Through Photographs, Darkly As Susan Sontag observed in her essay – which gives its title to that of the conference – the work of many of the.

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The different representations of these women convey the completely different views of what a photograph should be aesthetically and thematically. With Lartigue, the women are staring off into the distance and throuyh of romanticized and implied as being beautiful even though their faces are not shown in the photograph.

michele’s blog: Sontag’s “America Seen Through Photographs, Darkly”

It projects an image with which we do not fall in love with the aesthetics or the romanticismbut we fall in love with the curious investigation of the sad, pitiable woman in the photograph. Being attracted to the subject is different than being attracted to a photograph.


Diane Arbus is one of those photographers who is attracted to the unusual, the outcasts, the freaks sparking curiosity in onlookers for years after her suicide in Seen pictured here is a man with no limbs who manages to get around just fine, shave and even lights a cigarette and smokes in one scene.

The majority of people in this film actually have something seriously wrong with them physically. Who are the REAl freaks?

Thompson, Van Gogh and everyone else who ended their lives leaving behind an admirable body of work. It maybe be that everyone has a secret fascination with suicide and tragedy as artists seem to be honored and recognized after they end their lives more so than when they were alive.

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On Photography – America, Seen Through Photographs, Darkly Summary & Analysis

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On Photography – America, Seen Through Photographs, Darkly Summary & Analysis

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