Akka Mahadevi (ಅಕ್ಕ ಮಹಾದೇವಿ) was one of the early female poets of the Kannada language and a prominent personality in the. ಚೆನ್ನಮಲ್ಲಿಕಾರ್ಜುನಯ್ಯ ಆತ್ಮಸಂಗಾತಕ್ಕೆ ನೀನೆನಗುಂಟು . akka mahAdeviyavara vachana. hasivAdare UroLage bhikShAnnaMgaLuMTu. Vachanas of Akkamahadevi. VJachanas of Akkamahadevi, one of the greatest Kannada poets of the twelfth century, among other things, can be seen as poems .

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Om Shri Guru Basavalingaya Namha. If one could draw the fangs of a snake and charm the snake to play, it’s great to vachanagalk snakes.

What else you want ?

If one can single out the body’s ways it’s great to have bodies. The body’s wrong is like mother turning vampire. On the difficulty of kannadda.

Maya is illusion, samsara the cycle of rebirth: On the value of experience over ritual: Comparing human lovers to GOD: I love the Handsome One: I love him O mother. I love the Beautiful One with no bond nor fear, no clan no land, no kannwda, for his beauty.

So my lord Chennamallikarjuna is my husband. On the effects of union with GOD: On her desire for a renewal of union with Shiva: Like an elephant lost from his herd suddenly captured, remembering his mountains, his Vindyas, I remember. A parrot vachanxgalu into a cage remembering his mate, I remember.

And on her determination to worship, no matter what: On the life of a akamahadevi Would a circling surface vulture know such depths of sky as the moon would know? Would a weed on the riverbank know such depths of water as the lotus would know? Kaannada a fly darting nearby know the smell of flowers as the bee would know?


Don’t say they have bodies who have your love, O lord Chennamallikarjuna. Even if I want to stay apart, Your maya will not leave me; Even if I struggle against it, this maya stays unbroken; Your maya doesn’t leave even if one stands firm; Those struggling to break this maya Are themselves broken.

To the yogi, your maya became the yogini; To the ascetic, maya was the fair woman ascetic. For the god, the assumption of monthly Offerings was the illusion; If one climbed the mountain, maya, Restless, climbed after.

If one goes into the deep forest, maya goes along; O samsara, it does not leave my back, my hands; It gives me faith and then makes me forget. O mercy maker, I am afraid of your maya, O supreme master, Channamallikarjuna, jasmine-tender, Have mercy.

With what mind, then, to meditate, O Lord, and with what mind engage In the world’s business, pray? Alas, alas, I’m utterly lost Between this world and the other world, Like a calf loosed to suck two cows!

How could I hold together in my hand Two different fruits, O Chennamallikarjuna? All the Vedas, scriptures and Sacred lore, canons and codes Are but grist and husk ground in the mill.

Why grind this, why winnow? When you behead the mind that Flows here and there, O Channamallikarjuna, Then remains eternal space. Take these husbands who die, decay, and feed them to your kitchen fires! What is the use of knowing everything If one does not know the self?


When one knows in oneself Why ask others? Channamallikarjuna, Yourself becoming knowledge, Showed me the way. I know you through yourself. After my body became Thyself, whom could I serve? After my mind became Thyself, whom could I invoke?

What else you want ? – akka mahAdevi vachana

After my consciousness was lost in Thee, Whom could I know? O lord Chennamallikarjuna show me your ways.

If you will look, look; If you won’t, don’t I can’t bear life unless I look at you and be happy. If kznnada will agree, agree; If you won’t don’t I can’t bear life unless I embrace you.

If you will be pleased, be pleased, If you won’t, don’t I can’t bear life unless I worship you. O Channamallikarjuna, Offering you worship, I will play On the swing of happiness. Not difficult to be a devotee. O lord Chennamallikarjuna only you would know the way of your devotees: Like a statue listening To the recital akkakahadevi a wax parrot, The one reciting has no life, The listener has no knowledge; The devotion of one Who does not know you Is like the statue listening to the wax parrot, O Channamallikarjuna.

Selected Vachana ‘s of Akkamahadevi Mystic poem,Sayings.