Color map. The wilderness is the overland map of the Drakalor Chain – you start the game in the upper right corner of the wilderness, and you may enter a. The wilderness is the overland map of the Drakalor Chain. It is often regarded as a curse by new players, whose PC’s are killed in wilderness encounters and. ADOM Guidebook. Wilderness – color map.

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Sign In Don’t have an account? This page provides a list of the accessible locations in ADOM. Retrieved from ” http: Available after receiving the quest Save Yriggs. Available after receiving the quest to Rescue the Cute Dog. Available after receiving the Kill Keethrax quest. Small Cave is more dangerous the higher level you are, Unremarkable Dungeon’s danger level is unchanging like other dungeons.

Darkforge is easily reachable, but extremely dangerous for low level players – even the upper level’s single steel golem can be deadly. Completely dark, full of Gremlinslocation of the Phial of Caladriel.

ADOM Guidebook

Tomb of the High Kings. Home of the Ring of the High Kings. Climbing set is needed to bypass some mountains but not for entering rift itself. Home wilxerness the Emperor Moloch.

Improved ADOM Guidebook

Second level contains a wand of teleportation. Not always dungeon is generated, sometimes a single half-level with a river and a tension room is created instead.


Frost Giant Jarl Caves. PC must have chatted to the ice queen to receive her first quest. Guaranteed greater vault on level 5 and a lesser vault on level 6 Haggar can be found inside.

One of the 6 Random Dungeons. Southeast of the Caverns of Chaos. Available after receiving the quest to kill Katharamandus. While volcanoes are active, they will appear through the Drakalor Chain. The stone heart needs to be corrupted in order to make volcanoes active.

Close the Chaos Gatecomplete the Volcano questretrieve the Weird fire starter. Home of the Supreme balorlocation of the Scroll of omnipotence. Only accessible through the Unremarkable Dungeon. One of the more remote locations in the game, home of Hawkslayer. Ado of the Caverns of Chaos. East of the Caverns of chaos after turns have passed. Must have received the Portal Quest. Very dangerous to low level players or players without water-breathing equipment.

Home of the Old Barbarian. Can be found in any zdom forest square in the west half of the wilderness; must ‘s’earch for it. Cannot enter while carrying more then s of equipment. In most cases, must have two specific corruptions to enter. Home of many, many Quicklings of different types.

Improved ADOM Guidebook – The Wilderness

wilderneds Also contains the Boots of Great Speed. The Mad Minstrel’s Clearing. Home of the Mad Minstrel. The Tower of Eternal Flames. One of the most dangerous mid-game locations due to ma fire damage – fire immunity helps the PC, protecting the items is less simple.


This maze is one of the most confusing places in the game, many players are happy to skip it, without teleportation and magic mapping a sure path to insanity. The Ancient Stone Circle. The player must have received the secret of how to enter from the Demented Ratling.

And have exact timing. The stone circle is the only wilferness in the game that is visible to all players yet can only be entered by some and even then only sometimes. The Sinister Library of Niltrias. Many spellbooks are found here, along with the Ghost Librarianwho may give players the weird tome under the right circumstances.

PC must have received the Unicorn Quest.

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The Ice Queen Domain. West of the Tower of Eternal Flames. Northwest of the Mad Minstrel’s Clearing. Revealed by the grizzled dwarven veteran.

Adon several dwarven graves, including a special one containing the Ancient dwarven key. Available after reading the Antediluvian dwarven map. Northeast of the High Mountain Village.

Revealed by searching with Lucky or Fate smiles. Home of the Great gray wyrm and hordes of Eternium golems. Contains four random artifacts. Populated by dinosaurs and antediluvian orcs and trolls.

Not possible to leave or revisit immediately.