Acharya S, also known as D.M. Murdock, is an independent scholar of French, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese and a smattering of other languages to. A Tribute to the Life and Work of DM Murdock aka Acharya S Murdock was proficient in English, Greek, French, Spanish, Italian, German. The latest Tweets from Religion and History (@AcharyaS). Acharya S/DM Murdock writes about the history of religion & mythology, including ‘The Christ.

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Or that very much the same is also true of Horus, Krishna and Prometheus?

These claims, and others equally achaya, were widely circulated on the early internet. They originated from a website, www. These claims were met with much derision at the time, at least among those with any knowledge of antiquity. But they espao terribly useful to a certain sort of ignorant atheist, and so were repeated endlessly. The author never withdrew them, or admitted any mistake of fact.

I was led to interest myself in Mithras as a direct result of the circulation of these claims. Occasionally I crossed swords with the authoress or one of her close disciples on various online discussion forums, an encounter that seldom left a pleasant impression behind.

Similar authors to follow

But always the claims were stimulating, and I received a great deal of enjoyment in chasing down the real facts of the matter on more than one occasion, and learning esapol strange or unusual ancient sources, such as Antiochus of Athens. We all need intellectual stimulus, and sometimes it may be found in strange places. On Christmas Dayshe died. She was acharyw years old, and died of cancer, leaving a year old son. That she should die on 25 December was itself full of irony. So she wrote, and so she preached with a fierce fervour that contradiction only strengthened.

I cannot tell you her real name.

Acharya S – Wikipedia

She went by the pen-name of Acharya S; before that, of Acharya Sanning. If it was, her name may have been Dorothy. Nor can I tell you anything much of her background. She claimed to have modelled when young, in New York City; to have become a Christian briefly at that time. But she gave no account of her life. But this system was really nothing: How well this sold I do not know, but it certainly attracted attention, and material from it has continued to circulate.

But mythicism did not pay well. She wrote online that she was very poor. It is a fact that, in the last year of her life, she was obliged to seek money from the public in order to pay medical bills. Acharya S stirred up interest in a whole load of obscure aspects of antiquity.

It gave us all something to research, something to investigate, and much time and fun online in rebutting it. To this extent we are all poorer for her passing.


On the other hand she did some real harm. Nobody is well served by getting the raw facts wrong. Many a gullible young atheist will have been confirmed in his newly-minted obscurantism by her work, and led just a step or two further from the light of knowledge into the darkness of ignorance and intellectual self-destruction. In this judgement she took a full part. It leads those who do it into a darkness of hate and blindness. This path she walked.

She dedicated herself to trying to destroy the Christian religion, to the extent that she was able.

Acharya S/D.M. Murdock passed away December 25th,

I never knew the reason for this, but it must be personal. She was not an educated woman. This fact lay at the root of all the mistakes of historical judgement that filled her acharyz. I never detected the slightest interest in history for its own sake.

If she had had this, it might have given her the education she lacked. In fairness she achafya better sources in her later books. Acharya S wanted, wanted very badly, to be learned; but only, one sensed, to bolster the cause.

This lack of education meant that she had no xcharya detachment from her own claims. What she wanted to believe was what she believed, and woe betide you if you contradicted her wishes. Like many ignorant people, she seemed unaware that men may honestly disagree sometimes.

Indeed any sensitive man must look at how women are treated in our times with hearthbreak and shame. Everything is against them.

Everything encourages women when young to throw themselves away outside of marriage. Was there some awful experience at the hands of some selfish man or selfish men in her past? I do not know. But it is impossible to look at her life, and not feel a sense of waste.

The world owes a achqrya debt to energetic, single-minded women such as Florence Nightingale, or Elizabeth Fry, or several modern women. Such women are often personally charming, as Acharya was, and often attract dedicated supporters who feel chivalrous towards them, as she did. They are often determined to an avharya degree, as Acharya seems to have been. Such women can achieve much. What can be vices in conversation x become virtues for society as a whole. Acharya S might have been one such.

May the God whom she was so fierce against in life have mercy upon her, and rescue her, es;aol, from the consequences of her wrong choices in life. Via her Facebook page pointed to by this link I find achxrya image of her gravestone. Actually, a lot of we secularists, especially if not of the Gnu Atheist variety, reject mythicism, at least as she and other current devotees expound it.

As for mythicism, it was first expounded more than years ago, in late Victorian Britain. He was just being polemical against Roman Catholics.


He had no idea about primary sources or any knowledge of church history. I am glad to hear of any atheists who manage to resist the siren call! Nobody benefits from a spanking great lie taking hold in any area of public life, least of all those deluded by it. I was certainly ahcarya of the 19th century pamphlets peddling this idea: In fact I vaguely recall that it appears in the 18th century. But she is now dead.

The only way she will survive is if somehow God can rescue her from dissolution. I wish her good luck. A notice of her death appears at vridar. That seems to be pretty much it, a week after her death. We all have the gift of eternal life within us, unaffected by our beliefs. Christianity claims to offer us eternal life if we simply adopt their view of how life really is.

There is no need for this, as we are the consciousness that is God…. You said I was entitled to my religious views, but I do not have any religious views, only life views…. See the comments policy for details. You discount her views and research, but hold to yours which feebly come from one book, admittedly patched together by those who most stood to gain from them.

Just will never understand how one holds to personal beliefs while bashing those who are looking for the truth…. Why did I write? Well, who else will do so?

I wish they would! Most likely she will be quickly forgotten as cranks usually are. As I said, I always felt sorry for her. But I profited personally from her existence. I am grateful for the enjoyment and research that I was led to do. Selfish, but there you are. And preserving the past is what I do. I should have liked to write an obituary but the materials are not there. So all I can do is to reflect on the impression that she left on me.

What would you do? Your first paragraph leaves a lot to be desired…. I am now 64 yrs old and as a classical singer have taken up a singing job in a church. One thing I have found over the years is that the entrenched ch. But for those who dare to question the false authority of the church as did Acharya, my hat is off.

After all, what leaves the body upon death, but the divine spark that animates our every movement. Not sure what to say. So the religion is fabricated? How do you know?