‘Accordion Repairs Made Easy’ by John Reuther Does anyone know if this book is useful for button accordion repairs and maintenance?. Title, Accordion Repairs Made Easy: How to Fix Any Part of Any Accordion. Author, John Reuther. Publisher, O. Pagani, Length, 84 pages. Export Citation. By John Reuther, 88 pages. Air leaks, treble keyboard repairs, grill repair, bass keyboard mechanisms, switches, reeds, amps, tools, alterations, how to estimate .

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Post by JIM D. The Accordionists Forum An accordion forum open to all Skip to content. Board index General Discussion Accordion Chat.

Now with access to online info. You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. Music Game full rules are on the original first post in its thread I’ll have another look at it later, but my recollection is that it feels as if it’s written by the owner of an accordion shop who knows what needs to be done, but hasn’t actually done it for years, and doesn’t explain how it’s done!


I’d agree that the Accordion Revival site is far better. Buy George Bachich’s accordion book as an enjoyable read and a gesture of appreciation! Reading these won’t help you a lot in repairing. It was also my opinion that the author was not a hands on accordion repairman but compiled his information from other sources.

The Accordionists Forum

In style it looks consistent with the picture above. After another look I would say it’s not useless, there’s plenty of stuff in there, but it’s much more about what should be done than actually how to do it. The above talkingreeds website may have some harmful computer virus, as I was now warned twice by my virus software. An off color posting came on the screen under that URL.

PS Reepairs seems that I am not the only one: Bullguard AV blocked the site. No way I relish being a part of someone’s computer infection so won’t be doing this again with this old Mac. I have not gotten a virus alert as this old beater seems immune to them from what I hear.

Same with my new I pad.

Accordion repairs made easy

The site owner probably doesn’t rpairs it. I actually used the electric current idea that I found in this book to remove a spindle on an older accordion that I couldn’t get to budge.


I posted about it somewhere on these boards. Its definitely dated, but I still think its a good read. As far as referencing I would have to agree that Bachich’s site is great.

Accordion Repairs Made Easy: How to Fix Any Part of Any Accordion – John Reuther – Google Books

I find myself reviewing or reading accoedion on it every couple of weeks. I watched George do “an accordion autopsy” as he called it in person, and it was great. I asked a lot of questions and he was very knowledgeable and thorough in answering all of kade.

I also bought his book and am so grateful that he made such a useful site for a hobbyist like myself. Who is online Users browsing this forum: No registered users and 1 guest. Board index Contact us.

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