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No need for bran. Bokashi composting need not be expensive! No need for expensive commercial starters, expensive cultures, expensive bran or fancy buckets! Making your own bokashi starter culture in nocashi of commercially available EM is incredibly easy. My goal from the start was to produce bokashi compost without the use of expensive EM, bran or fancy buckets.

Bocashk most important component of the commercial EM in relation to bokashi is lactobacillus bacteria, the others are secondary if at all necessary and can be cultured in the bucket when conditions are favorable. Mix thoroughly and vigorously. The resulting water should be cloudy. Cover lightly air should be able to move in and out of the container and place in a cool dark spot for days.

Put the finished rice water solution in a bigger container and add 10 parts milk I bocxshi skim. DO NOT seal tightly, the gases must be able to escape.

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Allow 14 days for a complete ferment, most of the solids in the milk will float to the top vocashi the yellowish serum. Strain off the solids. Instead of using expensive bran I ferment newspaper to use between the layers of compost in the bucket.

I take one part lactobacillus serum to one part molasses to abonoo parts water. After the fermentation process I separate and dry the newspaper. Setting up an inexpensive newspaper abbono bucket. I place 1 to 2 inches of dry absorbent material in the bottom of the bucket peat, shredded newspaper, or clean sawdust and pack well.


To start the bucket I place a piece of the bokashi newspaper on top of the absorbent material, just enough to cover…. I use a potato masher. The bokashi compost with just the lacto decomposed quickly in the garden and in my worm bins. Start the bucket with a 1 to 2 inch layer of absorbent materials. This layer will soak up any excess nutrient drainage.

I just prefer to keep things as cheap and easy as possible. Start your newspaper bokashi bucket with a layer of high carbohydrate waste. This jump starts the fermentation process ensuring success. Place a piece of newspaper between each layer of waste. This ensures that the beneficial bacteria will spread throughout the waste quickly. Chop the waste into small pieces, if possible.

Boccashi gives the bacteria a larger surface area to feed upon.

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It also leads to faster final decomposition or digestion when your bokashi is buried, added to worm bins or added to an aerobic compost pile. Compress the layers of waste tightly. This helps exclude air and helps transfer beneficial bacteria throughout the waste rapidly.

Never add spoiled waste to a bokashi bucket. Rotten and moldy waste will introduce rogue organisms that can cause a bucket to fail. Collect waste throughout the day and add to the bucket at the end of the day. This minimizes exposure to outside air. Add waste at least once a day. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

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Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Newspaper bokashi, instead of expensive bran. Getting started Part One Collecting wild lactobacillus. September 30th, Making your own bokashi starter culture in place of commercially available EM is incredibly easy.


I culture my own lactobacillus serum starting with a rice wash water solution. Making the serum is amazingly simple.

At the end of the wait the mixture should smell mildly sour. Strain out any particles. Getting started Part Two Purifying the lactobacillus. September 30th, Put the finished rice water solution in a bigger container and add 10 parts milk I use skim. You now have purified lactobacillus serum. Getting started Part Three Newspaper bokashi.

September 30th, Instead of using expensive bran I ferment newspaper to use between the layers of compost in the bucket. I place the soaked newspapers in a 2 gallon zip lock baggie, remove all the air and seal. Place in a cool dark spot and wait bocwshi days to 2 weeks to get a good fermentation.

Simply replace the one part of lacto serum in step three with the yogurt whey. Starting a newspaper bokashi bucket. October 17th, Well, not really secrets, mostly common sense.

Always close the lid lightly to exclude air. Do not add excess amounts of fluids to your bokashi bucket. Good luck with your newspaper bokashi!!!! Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Email required Address never made public. This site uses cookies. By continuing baono use this website, you agree to their use.

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