Shadowhawk reviews the latest Inquisition novel from Dan Abnett. Buy Pariah (The Bequin Trilogy) Reprint by Dan Abnett (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on. Dan Abnett’s Eisenhorn trilogy remains one of the best things the Black Library has published. While the sequel Ravenor was a bit weaker it’s still one of my.

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Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Pariah by Dan Abnett. Inquisitor Gideon Ravenor returns to action to hunt the most dangerous enemy he has ever encountered, a disgraced inquisitor, driven by obsession to bind daemons to his will and consort with annett.

For Ravenor, this is more than just a manhunt; it is personal. This foe was once his greatest ally and most trusted friend: Hardcoverpages. Bequin 1Warhammer 40, To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

To ask other readers questions about Pariahplease sign up. Lists with This Book. Someone please get to work cloning Mr. May 17, Sud rated it really liked it Shelves: I am a big fan of the Warhammer 40K series of novels. I’ve read several and this is one of the first ones that the story did not revolve around Space Marines. To abnettt that was novel. A Pariah is a psyker that has no soul. Due to this they are unaffected by the Warp and psyker abilities.

Beta Bequin is one such person. Raised as an orphan by a strange offshoot of the Inquisitores Ordos. In the Maze Undue, the training facility for the Ordos, Beta and her classmates are taught the intricacies of being a top level field operative. All that ends on a stunning night of attack. What follows lariah a fine tale of duplicity and bizarre events.

What I found very interesting about this book is that it deals with other parts of the Imperium. Beta’s Ordos may not be what it abnett. Not to mention two great Inquisitors Ravenor and Eisenhorn are working at cross purposes for the same goal.

This is a good look at the different aspects of training for the Inquisition. I also found the concept of “eudaemonic” research to be interesting. In essence this Ordos believes it can use the powers of the Warp against the Warp. Obviously such a path is fraught with peril. Something they find out quickly, not to mention that in the eyes of the rest of the Imperium this is heresy. They wish to recruit or kidnap Beta because she might lead them to a sacred “word of power”.

RAPID FIRE: Dan Abnett Talks The Magos

With this word, the Imperium could be unmade via spellwork. Thus a very interesting ppariah different look at the Warhammer 40k world. I will be looking up the remaining books in this series. If you’re a Warhammer 40K fan and would pxriah to read about something other than Space Marines-this is a good book for you.


If you are unfamiliar with the Warhammer 40K world, this may be a little confusing. I am fairly well versed in the world and even I found some of the things to be confusing till the middle and end parts of the tale when things begin to clear up. I also enjoyed seeing the various sections of the Inquisition and how they work Or not. Eisenhorn is a famous figure and this is the first time I encounter him in an actual story, rather than pariwh passing.

Also the conflicts between the Traitor Legions is interesting. Since they are no longer human, but daemon spawn-it is fascinating to see how the Word Bearer’s and Emperor’s Children are no longer allies but will fight among themselves. Hopefully the rest of the series will keep to this same level of interest and plot. If so Abnetf will most certainly buy them.

Pariah by Dan Abnett – Book Review [Shadowhawk] « Black Library « The Founding Fields

View all 3 comments. Oct 05, Abndtt rated it really liked it. For those who waited years for the final ‘trilogy of trilogies,’ closure is upon us! Pariah had me hooked from the very beginning, as Bequin is back from her coma Or is she? I constantly asked myeslef “The hell is going on here? Of course, I had even more unanswered questions by the end and will have to wait god knows how long for the next book and hope for “Penitent.

I won’t say any more, but the good Mr. Abnett should consider branching into the horror genre with that quality of work. My only criticism is that Bequin isn’t much of a character in this book. She’s the MacGuffin that’s shoved from plot point to plot point and never takes hold of her own destiny or controls parian story.

She’s constantly put in peril, then rescued by yet another faction, then lost to another faction, then imperiled, repeat, etc. Still, this book is a must read for all fans of Inquisitors Eisenhorn he’s back!

A fine opener to the final trilogy. View all 5 comments. Aug 20, James Whitbread rated it it was amazing. I was hooked from the very beginning. In fairness, I had been waiting for this book for a very long time, so expectations were high.

Dan Abnett, as always, did not disappoint. The characters are fantastic, brilliantly portrayed and intelligently written.

When the twists come, they come in such a subtle way that you feel your jaw drop when the full impact of what you have just read sinks in.

As for the ending, well that had me grinning from ear to ear and yanking at my hair for more. Bravo, Mr Abnett, bravo. Oct 24, Michael Alexander Henke rated it it was amazing Shelves: This book started out quite slowly. I loved the Eisenhorn and Ravenor trilogies, so I was super pumped for this come out.


I was disappointed at first, the titular characters of Eisenhorn and Ravenor are nowhere to be found in the first two thirds or so of the book. I’m glad I stuck with it and trusted Abnett to deliver a great story. He wraps everything up, brings it all together, and leaves the story on such an awesome cliffhanger that I can’t wait for the next book. May 09, Abhinav rated it it was ok.

You can find the full review over at The Founding Fields: Shadowhawk reviews the latest Inquisition novel from Dan Abnett. His novels with Inquisitors Gregor Eisenhorn and Gideon Ravenor are some of my favourites in all of Warhammer 40, and were my early reads as well.

He put the war in warhammer in a very creative way by showing us life behind the frontlines of grand battles between two opposing armies.

Pariah (Novel) – Warhammer 40k – Lexicanum

Far too much actually. From the beginning of the novel, through to the meat of it, and all the way to the climax, Pariah was one disappointment after another. I listened to the audiobook last year, and, to be frank, I consider that time wasted. The audiobook was an easier experience than the novel, but it failed to capture me at all.

It is extremely rare for me to not finish a Black Library book, and Prospero Abnnett has that dubious honour, right alongside Eldar Prophecy by C. Dan Abnett can be said to be a master of world-building. His settings are always detailed, with lots of nuance and meanings attached to almost everything.

That is, the more civilian side of the setting which is all about hive-world politics, Inquisitorial intrigues, local police forces, and so on. In Pariah he takes it all to an extreme. I had a tough time coming to grips with this, to the extent that I was wondering if I was even reading a Warhammer 40, novel!

Yes, Dan Abnett has made a big twist out of the series title Bequin. No, it did not work for me at abneett. She is too accomplished, too anbett of herself, too unquestioning of events as they happen around her, too trusting of people.

Halfway through however, her entire life is turned upside down and a massive lie is exposed, one that has some severe repercussions on the narrative. She really must be desperate to be an Inquisition agent, is all I can say. Add to that another aspect of the novel I did not like at all: To put the first into context, the Horus Heresy happened 10, years ago within the setting and is a time shrouded in mystery, half-truths, lies and deception.