another gravely as Mr. Jaffe, Mrs. Ozick, Mr. Ozick. My mother calls . This is about reading; a drugstore in winter; the gold leaf on the dome of the Boston State. Cynthia Ozick’s piece is constructed heavily on the use of imagery to portray her ever growing desires to satisfy her hunger for more knowledge. “A Drugstore in Winter” was written by Cynthia Ozick in Ozick is a well- known Jewish writer about her life growing up in New York City.

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Analysis on Drugstore in the Winter

But the really striking similarity between them is their content. Both essays are about how Welty and Ozick respectively read and read and read through their childhoods. How they were formed by reading.

Having, as of 5pm this afternoon, read this word to describe the feeling of reading, I consider Ozick to be a woman who understands reading better than almost anyone I know.


I remember the chariots of my youth: Yup, I remember that feeling, too. Similarly, too, theirs is the constant trip to the library; theirs the effort to get witner to read to never run out…. All the same, the Violet and the Yellow are melting away.

To read two brilliant writers discussing their love of reading is a testament to the power of reading in young lives. But to see how two such brilliant writers ozjck start with their love of reading and end up in such wildly different thoughts is a testament to the power the essay form.

“A Drugstore in Winter” by Cynthia Ozick | Ned Stuckey-French

Essays can, like no other kind of nonfiction writing, ramble and digress. Tumble through thoughts and gather ideas, like otherworldly bouquets of wild flowers and shop-bought bread. A neat ending, then, rather upbeat, with great hope for the young Eudora as she continues on her reading adventures.


Fynthia Ozick ends up somewhere much darker… her chariots took her away, almost too far.

Neha’s AP English Blog: A Drugstore in Winter: Cynthia Ozick

Ozick, as a child, puts off knowing herself, for the pleasure of being other children. And, though she eventually grows into a writer obviouslyshe finds herself bewildered at trying to write a summary of how she came to be where she is. Secondary navigation Twitter Facebook Instagram Search.

A Thousand Miles Away and Home: Begin typing your search above and press return to search. Press Esc inn cancel.

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