21 Wapping Lane, Wapping, E1W property Development: studio, can view or download the developers Ballymore pdf brochure (MB). welcome to wapping. •. 2•. The high life. 21 Wapping Lane sets dramatic new standards of living right on London’s doorstep, perfectly placed between the City to. JOHNS&CO are pleased to present 21 Wapping Lane, offering high-quality suites, 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments to rent or buy.

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21 Wapping Lane

Directly opposite is the building site that in 12 — 18 months will become 21 Wapping Lane. View and comment on most recent articles on 21 Wapping Lane.

Anything that improves the Highway end of Wapping Lane has to be a good thing surely? It seems that the majority of the people are against this insensitive and inappropriate building for the area and given that the development company is struggling, they are likely to cut corners and make the design look even cheaper than it currently does from that ghastly steel. Surely there is a way to raise a petition to get the planning process looked into, reviewed and the size scaled back.

Boris has already rejected schemes in the east end for being too dense and this is supposed to be one of the key objectives of the council to reduce overcrowding so this development seems so out of tune with the area and what our voted cllrs are saying they want to deliver.

Does anyone reading this site know how items as this can be raised to Boris, or whether there is another route to get such developments put on hold or ideally rejected. Once it is built it is built and the area ruined and it also sets a worrying precedence for future developments.


Why the shiny steel, when all around is in brick? It would stick out in Limehouse Basin, let alone cosy Wapping. Even Reardon House opposite classic continuous-balcony s local authority housing in need of a bit of TLC deserves better! The few concrete blocks wappinb around are at least unobtrusive, as was the warehouse originally on the site. I think that, design apart, this development is simply too large for the area.

Oh, so only Chelsea or Hampstead get to preserve their local character? Sounds brohure bit elitist to me.

21 Wapping Lane | Ballymore

AND the plans look pretty good to me compared to some of the bog-standard boring stuff in Limehouse and Isle of Dogs. What an offensive and sweeping generalisation you make. Do you suppose that because we pay our rents to LBTH or housing associations as opposed lnae private landlords and banks that we are without morals or pride for the area in which we live?

I despair for my children — brochur will they get on the first rung of the property ladder when they are lsne given the exorbitanat cost of bricks and mortar.

Have you seen the figures for homelessness? If any our our councillors looks at this site — where were you when this application went in, and is our only recourse now to see if there is a procedure to get Boris to call it in? I suspect the time for voicing disapproval was when the planning application went in.


21 Wapping Lane – high-quality homes in the heart of Wapping, E1W

Can anything be done to block them? I know that they were doinf a fancy presentation but concretly, what cna we do. I would rather a development too, but one that was in keeping and fitting for the area; when was the last time you saw a 19 storey silver building in the heart of Wapping, this monster is more in keeping with Canary Wharf. This is wholly inappropriate for the area, a silver tower only suitable for canary wharf at the entrance to Wapping, no yellow brick, does meet current environmental or density standards, nor has the required quota for affordable housing.

Does anyone know how to get such a disgrace of a decision sent back to planning before it is too late, Boris has already rejected various properties that have received planning due to density issues — can the same be done here or failing that what else can be done?

All Rights Reserved Vickie Flores. Glad to hear views or the voice of someone pro-active anything to get a campaign up and running. One has nothing to do with the other. How on earth can anyone suggest this block of concrete will enhance Wapping?

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