The previous revision to the NLRC rules was made in Procedure for recovery of amount paid to seafarer during execution proceedings. of the Labor Code prior to , the NLRC had generally recognised the concept of provisions of the Labor Code and the NLRC’s Revised Rules of Procedure. THE NLRC RULES OF PROCEDURE. Pursuant to the provisions of Article of Presidential Decree No. , as amended, otherwise.

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It shall include the place where the employee is supposed to report back after a temporary detail, assignment or travel. However, under the NLRC Rules, the seafarer cannot re-file the case after it has been dismissed for the 2nd time on the ground of non-appearance during the mandatory conferences. As amended on November 7, We have repeatedly ruled that the Supreme Court is not a trier of facts.

Due process is satisfied when the parties are afforded fair and reasonable opportunity to explain their respective sides of the controversy. In case of the effective absence or incapacity of the Chairman, the Presiding Commissioner or the Second Division shall be the Acting Chairman. In line with requests from clients to highlight the significant changes in the Rules, we have prepared this article.

All pleadings shall be filed in five 5 legibly typewritten copies in legal size.

New NLRC Rules of Procedure: impact on seafarers and manning agents

It is at this point that the seafarer can collect from the manning agents or the bonding company the amount stipulated in the labour arbiter’s decision. Section 10 thereof provides: For further information, please email This email address is being protected from spambots.

It is thus not confined to execution proceedings but can be availed of in relation to all orders or resolutions of the labour arbiter. The hearing or clarificatory conference shall be terminated within thirty 30 calendar days from the date of the initial clarificatory conference. The settlement shall be approved by the Labor Arbiter after being satisfied that it was voluntarily entered into by the parties and after having explained to them the terms and consequences thereof.

CAPhil. Whether or not [the Court of Appeals] gravely erred and abused its discretion in affirming [the NLRCs] Decision in reversing the labor arbiters Decision. Petitioner elevated the case to the CA via a Petition for Certiorari, claiming that the NLRC had erred in 1 admitting as evidence the Collective Bargaining Agreement CBA and the payroll, even if the latter had no entry of the amount supposedly paid to him, and both documents were submitted only on appeal; and 2 disregarding the logbook entries he had submitted in evidence.

  ANSI 1264.1 PDF

Andaya vs NLRC : : July 15, : J. Panganiban : Third Division : Decision

The Labor Arbiter, POEA Rues or the Regional Director, or his duly authorized hearing officer of origin shall, motu proprio or upon motion of any interested party, issue a writ of execution on a judgment only within five 5 proedure from the date it becomes final and executory, so requiring the sheriff or duly deputized officer to execute the same.

Procedure for recovery of amount paid to seafarer during execution proceedings Where a case is lost at labour arbiter level, the manning ot or principals can file an appeal to the NLRC.

If the appeal is dismissed, the manning agents or principals can file a motion for reconsideration. Petitioners Memorandum, signed by Atty. The Commission may, in meritorious cases and upon Motion of the Appellant, reduce the amount of the bond.

Del Rosario & Del Rosario Lawfirm – Significant Changes in the NLRC Rules of Procedure

Requisites for Perfection of Appeal. Technical rules of procedure are not strictly adhered to in labor cases. Sy assails the March 30, decision [1] and May 31, resolution [2] of the Court of Appeals CA dismissing her complaint nlrf non-payment of salary and allowances against respondents ALC Industries, Inc.

The petition lacks merit.

Should the parties arrive at any agreement as to the whole or any part of the dispute, the same shall be reduced to writing and signed by the parties and their respective counsels, if any, before the Labor Arbiter. The parties shall thereafter not be allowed to allege facts, or present evidence to prove facts, nprc referred to and any cause or causes of action not included in the complaint or position papers, affidavits and other documents.

On August 2,respondents filed a motion prcoedure clarification but this was likewise denied.

It shall be mandatory for the Division to meet for the purpose of the consultation ordained herein. Procedue compromise agreement duly entered into in accordance with this Section shall be final and binding upon the parties and the Order approving it shall have the effect of a judgment rendered by the Labor Arbiter in the final disposition of the case.


For this purpose, a case or motion shall be deemed submitted for resolution upon the filing of the last pleading or memorandum required.

In this case, however, the rule on the posting of appeal bond was relaxed because when the appeal was made, there were still no implementing rules and regulations for the filing of a cash or surety bond. His bare negative allegation that he did not receive his overtime and holiday pays was belied by the payroll, which indicated that he had in fact received payments for the benefits being claimed.

Time and again, it has been held that the right to appeal is not a natural right or a part of due process, but merely a statutory privilege and may be exercised only in the manner and in accordance with the provisions of the law. The mandatory filing of a bond for the perfection of an appeal is evident from the aforequoted provision of Article of the Labor Code which explicitly states that the appeal may be perfected only upon the posting of cash or surety bond.

NLRCPhil. On perfection of appeal, it is well entrenched in this jurisdiction that perfection of an appeal within the period and in the manner prescribed by law is jurisdictional and non-compliance with such requirement is fatal and has the effect of rendering the judgment final and executory.

The Facts The antecedents were summarized by the appellate court as follows: The assailed Decision disposed as follows: The NLRC found that respondents did not pay the appeal bond on the mistaken notion that they were not liable for the monetary award and had already ceased operations due to bankruptcy.

For the purposes of computing the period of appeal, the same shall be counted from receipt of such decisions, awards or orders by the counsel of record. In the event that a member inhibits himself, the case shall be raffled by the Executive Clerk or Deputy Executive Clerk to either of the two 2 remaining Commissioners. Technical rules not binding. From then on, four reiterating motions for the issuance of a writ of execution [7] were filed.

Those documents alone, he avers, cannot ascertain whether he was in fact paid those benefits.